Global Networking Solutions

Tradex’s Global Networking Solutions (GNS) covers the world’s major futures exchanges, delivering ultra-low latency, robust and secure connectivity that greatly supports your futures trading. We are in partnership with dedicated server providers in various regions around the world such as North America, Europe, China, Japan, India, Singapore, and other Southeast Asian countries.

Any TCP/UDP application and HTTPS service that has DNS mapping authentication; some of which include PATS, CQG, TT, WebOE which are widely used in futures trading platforms. While planning for the core network design, we provide alternate connections to ensure the stability and reliability of the network, which guarantees the overall completeness of the network connectivity.

Global Dedicated Network Construction

With the continuous improvement of global futures trading, we provide point-to-point direct connections for clients to trade both global and Chinese futures. This allows quick deployment to connect to the network line, hence providing high-quality broadband that ensure a fast transmission of data and low network latency to better support your trading needs.

Exchange Colocation

Tradex, together with our brokerage partners, provides exchange colocation for programmatic and high frequency trading clients to meet their need for high-speed trading. We provide 10 gigabit optical fibre network, no point of failure, no delay in network switching, have multiple systems deployed on the server at the same time, and our host access includes VPN, MSTP, SDH, optical fibre network and many more.

Professional Maintenance

We offer one-to-one professional operational and maintenance support, fast response to inquiries, and provide customers a good network security.