From the front to the back office of global futures trading, Tradex solutions includes trading platform for the trading of global futures arbitrage, risk control and credit management, bank-OTC, Exchange-Cleared OTC, and Global Networking Solutions. Our professional consultants have over 10 years of industry experience and customer service. If you are looking for futures trading solutions, you could contact us to understand more about our products.

Our Services:

Pre-Sales Enquiry

You may consult us on our solutions on arbitrage trading, inter-market trading, multiple account management, risk controls, and internal match. Through the enquiry session, we could customize solutions that accommodates your trading needs and provide you with one-to-one pre-sales and technical support.

Product Demonstration

If you would like to understand more about Tradex’s solutions for futures trading, our professional consultant could provide you with demonstration through either online or offline means.

Customized Development Solutions

Based on clients’ trading needs, we work closely with clients to customize solutions, design and testing that suits clients’ trading needs.

Our professional consultants connect with clients over the phone and personal site visits to understand their trading needs. Through needs analysis and technical solutions, we ensure that the solutions provided are complying to the clients’ customization criteria.

consultation, please contact us: