MultiTradex (MT)

MultiTradex (MT) is our unique e-trading system that allows you to trade Chinese futures, global futures and exchange-cleared OTC products on a single platform.

This means that you can perform arbitrage or spreading strategies e.g. between Shanghai and LME futures, on the same screen.

Tradex Management System (TMS)

Tradex Management System (TMS) is a flagship product from Tradex Systems. With a gateway that allows for simultaneous trading of Chinese futures, global futures and exchange-cleared OTC products, TMS incorporates trading account management, risk control/monitoring, exchange rules compliance and internal matching in one comprehensive system. Featuring Tradex’s open API, TMS offers unrivalled control and flexibility for your firm’s trading needs.

Iron Ore Swaps E-Trading System

Tradex’s Iron Ore Swaps E-Trading System is the only electronic trading platform in the world that provides simultaneous access to SGX Iron Ore Swaps/Futures, CME Iron Ore Futures, Shanghai Rebar Futures, Zhengzhou Thermal Coal Futures and Dalian Coke/Iron Ore/Coal Futures.

Exchange-cleared OTC Solutions

We offer customized IT solutions that are based on your requirements in trading exchange-cleared OTC products. Our advantage over other OTC system vendors lies in our ability to bring together Chinese and global markets, thereby providing you with greater latitude and liquidity to make the trades you want.

Global Networking Solutions (GNS)

Seize market opportunities with our fully customizable Global Networking Solutions (GNS). We deliver ultra-low latency, robust and secure connectivity to major derivatives exchanges around the globe, through our business partners in cities from Chicago to Tokyo.

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Founded in 2010, Tradex is headquartered in Singapore and has rapidly developed a substantial presence in China. With our technical expertise and in-depth knowledge of China, the company serves as a bridge between global and Chinese derivatives markets.


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