Customized Development Solutions

Tradex’s customized development solutions serves multiple organizations such as industrial companies, commodities traders, banks, funds, brokers, and investment management teams.

Our IT team accumulated rich experience in futures trading system and risk control management and has serviced hundreds of enterprise companies with more than 30 customized development solutions put into production.

Through understanding clients’ trading needs, we provide customized development solutions and analysis, system testing on the customized development and support services once the development is live.

Customized Process

Customized Process

Customized Needs Analysis

With Tradex’s deep understanding of the futures market and rich experience in product development and maintenance, we understand your needs in a short span of time and propose solutions that are feasible to your needs.

API Interface and Development Support

Our open API interface allows clients to achieve secondary development to better meet the need for programmatic trading/ high-frequency trading and third-party’s system integration, we support third-party vendor’s developments as well (for example, algorithmic trading, data analysis, data conversion, and risk management modules)

The interface uses string protocol based on TCP/IP Socket to support programming languages such as C, C++, C#, and Java. This greatly reduces the difficulties of the development which improves development efficiency.

Tradex could provide a simulated test environment to facilitate development and support. This framework allows us to feedback to the IT team should there be any technical issues.

Customized System Development and System Integration

Customized development of settlement system and settlement billing;
Customizable management system that consists of trading control, risk control, and settlement
Customizable development for futures trading platform
Based on Tradex’s flexible API interface, Tradex’s system could easily integrate with client’s current internal system such as the ERP system or risk control management system.