Tradex Management System (TMS)

Tradex Management System (TMS) is a flagship product from Tradex Systems. With a gateway that allows for simultaneous trading of Chinese futures, global futures and exchange-cleared OTC products, TMS incorporates trading account management, risk control/monitoring, exchange rules compliance and internal matching in one comprehensive system. Featuring Tradex’s open API, TMS offers unrivalled control and flexibility for your firm’s trading needs.


Key Features:

Building upon Tradex’s flexible API, TMS can easily integrate with existing in-house systems and support any other third-party vendors (e.g. for algorithmic trading, data analysis) to suit your trading and risk management needs.
Enables the creation of internal virtual sub-accounts within your firm, with separate risk-control and P&L for each sub-account, managed by group admins.
Centralizes global trading operations in one location, including permission, pre and post-trading risk management and real-time P&L monitoring.
Ensures rule compliance, e.g. cross-trades, cancel limit.
Gives you the power to create an in-house OTC market across multiple execution desks within the same trading house by matching internal trades.
Allows you to seamlessly trade Chinese futures, global futures, exchanged-cleared OTC, physical trades/bilateral OTC with multiple FCMs and brokers on one single platform.
Our market making engine enables you to create synthetic inter-market/commodity spreading strategies, and execute them automatically.

Founded in 2010, Tradex is headquartered in Singapore and has rapidly developed a substantial presence in China. With our technical expertise and in-depth knowledge of China, the company serves as a bridge between global and Chinese derivatives markets.


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