Multitradex (MT)

MultiTradex (MT) is our unique e-trading system that allows you to trade Chinese futures, global futures and exchange-cleared OTC products on a single platform. This means that you can perform arbitrage or spreading strategies e.g. between Shanghai and LME futures, on the same screen.

With the integrated, easy-to-use MT platform, you can:

  • Enter Listed & Strategy Orders With A Single Click
  • View & Execute Orders Through Market Ladders
  • Manage Trades & Orders Across Multiple Accounts
  • Realize Your Own Complex Strategies With Ease With Our Open API
  • Easily Set Up Inter-market / Commodity Spreading Strategies & Execute Them Automatically

Other Features:

MT is a stand-alone trading platform without server-side structures, ensuring confidentiality of clients’ trading information.

No scripting or programming knowledge is needed to set up arbitrage/spreading strategies, which are highly customizable.

MT updates automatically with new features periodically. No additional effort is required on the part of the user.


Founded in 2010, Tradex is headquartered in Singapore and has rapidly developed a substantial presence in China. With our technical expertise and in-depth knowledge of China, the company serves as a bridge between global and Chinese derivatives markets.


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