Iron Ore Swap E-Trading System

Tradex’s Iron Ore Swap E-Trading System is the only electronic trading platform in the world that provides simultaneous access to SGX Iron Ore Swaps/Futures, CME Iron Ore Futures, Shanghai Rebar Futures, Zhengzhou Thermal Coal Futures and Dalian Coke/Iron Ore/Coal Futures.

Hence, the Iron Ore Swap E-Trading System is the one-stop solution for your ferrous metal trading needs, whether it is for hedging, arbitrage or creating inter-market/commodity spreads. It can operate in conjunction with traditional voice-broking channels for your flexibility.

Key Features:

Receive real-time prices on the move, whether you are using iOS, Android or BlackBerry.

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Connect with SGX for instant, straight-through processing of matched trades.
Switch between multiple clearing accounts on one user ID during trading

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Founded in 2010, Tradex is headquartered in Singapore and has rapidly developed a substantial presence in China. With our technical expertise and in-depth knowledge of China, the company serves as a bridge between global and Chinese derivatives markets.


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